Zynndle Woodsliver

Garish, halfling bard encountered at the opening day of the Eaglet's Peak Shieldmeet, 1372 DR


Being as there were only 6 or so halflings spotted by the inimical halfling of the party, he was keen-eyed enough to be able to spot this individual by the name of Zynndle Woodsliver.

Zynndle Woodsliver, esq., is the well-reknowned traveloque author famed throughout Faerun. He is the veritable Rick Steves of the Realms! From Waterdeep in the west, to Westgate in the east (or center), Zynndle Woodsliver, esq. is an odd duck, and no mistake! He bears a childlike toy-of-a-sword at his waist. The gravely-voiced sentient sword calls itself Bramblestyk.

Zynndle’s garb is a well-traveled doublet bearing lavender, forest green, and scarlet shoulder strips. His dirty and disheveled leathern pantaloons and high boots round out his gay, if not utilitarian wardrobe.


Zynndle Woodsliver

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